How To Cook Indonesia’s Spicy Meat Speciality Rendang Padang

Rendang padang original Minang is one of the original dishes Indonesia that has been famous in foreign countries. Even based on the results of pooling one web news from England, rendang padang original Minang ever selected as the world’s best food! Main Ingredients To Make Rendang Original Meat Recipe Padang:1.5 kg of meat 2 liters of coconut milk from 2 pieces of old coconut Spices and Spices To Make Rendang Minang Asli: 2 lemongrass leaves, crushed 4 kaffir lime leaves 2 cm of kandis / gelugur acid 2 pieces of turmeric leaves, conclude Spice Recipe Rendang Padang Original Minang that You Must Refinish: 5 candlenuts 6 cloves of garlic 100g big red chili 12 onions 100g red curly pepper 2 cm ginger, toast 2 cm galangal 3 cm turmeric, burn1/2 tbsp coriander 2 tsp salt 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg 1 teaspoon cumin, roasted Savor flavor sufficiently How to Cook : First of all if the meat that has been prepared, cut into pieces of rendang with the shape of the dice or the desired size, just do not ever cut the meat is too small to be processed into rendang so that when cooked later meat is not destroyed. Pour the coconut milk into a large frying pan, also include lemon grass, sliced ​​onion, tamarind and turmeric leaves. Stir until coconut milk boil and make sure the coconut milk you cook does not break, for that you have to keep churning out the coconut milk until boiling evenly.After the coconut milk boils, slowly add the spices that have been mashed into it and occasionally stir for about 20-30 minutes. Continue to cook until the meat is tender and cooked evenly, do not be careless. Content from Newsflare.